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Procurement Function has always been part of Ibjwwsl from inception because it started operations as a trading outfit. This has imbued the company with a lot of experience in procurement activities.
Materials Management Department is Ibjwwsl’s center-led procurement organization, providing strategic sourcing and tactical buying services for goods and services in support of Ibjwwsl projects nationwide and clients’ procurement needs. Using advanced sourcing methods, global market knowledge, and Ibjwwsl’s global volume purchasing, Materials Management Department seeks to obtain the best pricing, quality, and service available for our clients.

Our procurement activities cover both local and global sourcing. Our understanding of peculiar terrain of Nigerian Business ensures your delivery is never delayed. We are sole Agent/Distributor to major equipment manufacturers in the world.
These services are delivered through world-class procurement professionals who work in focused knowledge communities, with advanced systems and work processes, and provide unmatched value in the global building and services marketplace.
Ibjwwsl offers significant advantages through our superior breadth and depth of resources and our integrated engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance approach to large and small projects.
Our professional integrity, our “best-of-class” systems, our cost and schedule focus, and our knowledge-based information sharing provide project execution consistency to customers across multiple industries.
We maintain a dedicated staff of experience professionals in various fields, including
• Global sourcing specialists
• Commercial and technical commodity specialists
• Market specialists
• Contract specialists
• Material planning and control specialists
• Buyers
• Expediters
• Logistics specialists
• Supplier quality surveillance specialists
• Project Materials Managers
Our commercial quality in-house developed software Materials Manager integrates our project management systems with our procurement work processes, seeking to reduce our customers’ project schedules and to increase their cost savings. The application is a robust, Web-enabled project management tool that allows us to increase our focus on strategic material management and procurement. The program complements our industry “best practices” in procurement and materials management.
A critical competency of Ibjwwsl’s Materials Management Department is its strength in global strategic sourcing. A rigorous analysis and selection process is used to secure beneficial long-term agreements with industry’s most advantaged suppliers. By pre-investing in developing a reliable project material supply base, Ibjwwsl can deliver competitive cost, reliable quality goods and services to her clients and projects. There are few, if any, companies with the experience and technical expertise of Ibjwwsl, who have taken the bold step to apply strategic sourcing principles to capital goods in Nigeria. Just as Ibjwwsl’s engineering and construction professionals are Expert builders, Ibjwwsl Materials Management Department’s professionals are master builders as well – building strategic supplier relationships.
Ibjwwsl’s reputation for excellence is demonstrated in Materials Management Department by its skilled and highly motivated professionals, by world-class tools like Materials Manage and by the continuous application of market intelligence in capital goods and services. It is also evident by our consistent use of best practices in project execution, and by strong strategic vision.

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